Grilled Fruits for Your Summer Recipes

Fresh fruits are great during any time of the year, but during the summer, fire up your grill and get ready to step up your fruit game! From pineapple to peaches and bananas to oranges, just about any medium to large sized fruit can be charred on the grill to bring out a new level of sweetness and smokiness through the magic of caramelization.

Grilling fruit is surprisingly easy! Regardless of the fruit you’re cooking, the steps are universal:

  1. Start with a clean grill. You don’t want your sweet fruit to absorb any flavors from your bbq dinner. PRO TIP: You can also line your grill grate with foil to make clean up quick and easy.
  2. If you are grilling fruit on an unlined grate, then you need to use oil to prevent your fruit from sticking. Neutral oils like grapeseed and vegetable will allow your fruit’s natural flavor to shine - just pour a small amount onto a cloth and wipe down the grate before placing your fruit on the hot grill.

Grilled stone fruits like plums and peaches are a perfect addition to a summer salad, and you can never go wrong with grilled fruit kabobs. But there are other ways to incorporate grilled fruits into your hot summer days.

Pink Salt Cuisine recently partnered with The Natural Mixologist, an award-winning organic craft cocktail catering company, to provide bar services that perfectly complement our innovative plant-based menus. Founded by Marsha Meyer, The Natural Mixologist has been featured at popular events including the GRAMMYS and Coachella, and continues to push the envelope using modern and molecular techniques to create not only a beverage, but also an experience.

To create your own beverage experience, Marsha recently shared one of her grilled fruit recipes that can be used as a family-friendly drink or transformed into a refreshing summer cocktail.

Grilled Lemonade

From The Natural Mixologist 


  • 8 large lemons (to make 1.5 cups of juice)
  • Organic sugar
  • 1.5 cups sugar
  • 8 cups water


First, start by cutting the lemons into halves, then coating the exposed flesh with sugar.

Sugared Lemon - The Natural Mixologist.jpg

Place all of your lemons face down on a clean grill (or a grilled lined with foil). Grill for 15-20 minutes, and then flip them and grill for another 5 minutes. Let the lemons cool enough for you to touch them and juice normally.

Grilled Lemons - Pink Salt Cuisine.JPG

In a pitcher, mix grilled lemon juice, sugar and water, and stir. Serve over ice and enjoy!

P.S. To create a signature cocktail using grilled lemon juice, check out The Natural Mixologist’s recipe for “Smoke on the Horizon” with tequila and lavender