Netflix's "Take Your Child To Work Day" Event Recap

In honor of “Take Your Child To Work Day”, the team at Netflix hosted a fun, interactive event for their employees and their children. Held in their sound stage, the event was tied into their new documentary, “Our Planet”, and gave children an opportunity to learn about conservation.

Pink Salt Cuisine - Netflix Event 1

With exhibits from the Los Angeles Zoo, Theodore Payne Foundation, Los Angeles Audobon Society, and Los Angeles Sanitation, over 400 guests had the opportunity to discover native plants and local birds, pet wild animals, and learn about recycling and composting.  

The afternoon event featured light bites by Chef Hope, including housemade potato chips with onion dip, crudite with hummus, chocolate pudding with Oreo dirt and vegan gummy worms, and raspberry oat squares. These portable snacks were great for adults and children alike, and allowed them to experience the full event.

Pink Salt Cuisine - Crudite
Pink Salt Cuisine - Vegan Chocolate Pudding

All of the disposable plates, cups, and spoons we used were compostable, which means none of these items ended up in our landfills. We always try to mindful of these options and use as much compostable and recyclable items as possible. What’s even better is learning that Netflix has an in-house recycling and composting program!

Pink Salt Cuisine - Compostable Plates

If you haven’t checked out “Our Planet” yet, we hope you watch it very soon. The eight-part series uses a combination of stunning photography and technology to present Earth's remaining wilderness areas and their animal inhabitants. It’s perfectly captures our planet!