Partner Spotlight: Daydream Interactive

We are thrilled to continue our Partner Spotlight series by introducing you to the creative mind behind Pink Salt Cuisine’s designs: Tiffany LaFleur, owner and creative director of Daydream Interactive.

From the beginning, our team had an idea of how we wanted our menus to look: sophisticated and modern. We wanted to incorporate the rose gold geometric decor we use at our events, and but didn’t quite know how. Tiffany immediately blew our minds with her concepts, which are the foundation to our seasonal menus and marketing material. 

Tiffany took time out of her busy schedule to share some details about herself - check it out below!

Daydream Interactive Logo

Tell us what inspired you to start the company.

After working in the design and tech industry for 15 years, I started to get worn out from all of the politics, and hustle and bustle of the corporate world. Some larger family events took place, and it made me realize my life was flashing before my eyes. I wanted to find a way to still do what I love, but also be available for family, so working from home and managing clients seemed like a perfect fit. It took a couple years of solid networking and relationship building to get to a steady position, but I just kept pushing and pestering, until clients started seeking me out. 

How long have you been in the design industry?

Just over 17 years now!

How did you get started with Disney? 

I’ve always loved Disney, as most people do. When I was 14, I sent my portfolio of all the drawings I did as a kid, with a letter to Disney and told them how badly I wanted to work for them some day. They actually responded with a letter of encouragement, gave me advice and told me what classes to take in school. Lo and behold, 16 years later, I landed a contract job with them and moved out to LA on a wing and a prayer. I spent eight years with the company, and still do some freelance for them from time-to-time. Disney was a dream come true, and a great learning experience—something that I’ll never take for granted. When I departed back in 2016, I wanted to pursue my next dream of starting a family and being able to work from home. That’s where I am in my life right now. 

Tiffany LaFleur - Daydream Interactive

What brought you to the design industry or did you always want to be a designer growing up? 

I thought I wanted to be an animator, but knew I always wanted to work in the kids’ realm. It took several classes and long discussions in college to bring me to the realization that I wasn’t cut out to be an animator, but I had a keen sense for design—both with print and digital. I love working with everything from websites to brochures to apps to books. I enjoy figuring out what will catch someone’s eye, and keep them coming back for more. 

What do you love the most about design? 

I appreciate the collaboration between a designer and a fine artist. I work with several artists, and do a lot of art direction as well. Working with other creative minds helps bring the best product to a client, because you never want to work in a silo. Design is so subjective, so collaborating with both the client and other artists is key to the process. 

What unique touch do you bring to your projects? 

When I get projects from clients, I like to offer them 2 or 3 options very early on in the design phase. I think that design is so objective (very cliché...I know), but it is! Along with offering options, before the designs begin, I always ask for samples of things that inspire my clients. Collaboration is key. Even if it’s just color swatches or a Pinterist board, it’s great to get into the mind of what makes them tick, and then offer my expertise to steer the project in the right direction. 

Tell us about your favorite project thus far. 

Working on Star Wars properties with Disney was the icing on the cake with the company. On several occasions, I was able to travel to Lucasfilm in San Francisco, and collaborate and “nerd-out” with some brilliant storytelling minds on three apps with the company. There was an app called Star Wars Journeys, and that stands as my favorite project thus far. I was able to do UX/UI, Storyboarding and Art Direction for the project, and launch day was a big success for our team. 

Do you design a lot of items for special events? 

If so, what design trend are you most excited about? Right now, I do quite a bit for Pink Salt’s special events! I love helping them elevate their delicious and gorgeous menus, so their brand is front and center and never understated. “Minimal meets BOLD color” is my favorite design trend right now. Designers take advantage of 70’s inspired palettes with bright colors and gradients. These color combinations lend themselves well to smooth the duotones and fades. I incorporated some of this fun, bright and whimsical design in Pink Salt’s 2019 Global and Seasonal Menus. 

Pink Salt Cuisine - Holiday Menu

You recently got married. What is your top planning tip for brides? 

Make it your day, and hear advice from others, but don’t necessarily take it! You have to do what you and your spouse want. It’s not up to anyone else...even if they’re helping front the bill. At the end of the day, it’s YOUR moment. Also, split the responsibilities with your significant other, and don’t sweat the small stuff. They’ll be very appreciative and more helpful if you let them make some decisions too! 

When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your day? 

My husband and I are avid wine enthusiasts. We have visited over 500 wineries across the US, and our dream one day is to own and operate one. We also enjoy hiking and bird watching—usually at the same time. :) 

If you weren’t in design, what career path would you have chosen? 

I think I would have gone into psychology or I would have become a veterinarian. Both very different fields! I didn’t find an interest in psychology until later in life, but enjoy reading books by influential psychologists and mentors. As far as becoming a vet goes—when I was younger, I ended up choosing a different path, because I thought having to see animals pass away would be too hard on me! 

How can interested parties get in touch with you? or