Pink Salt Cuisine - Hope Bailey

Hope Bailey | executive chef & cO-FOUNDER

Favorite food: I love cooking and eating Indian food.

Claim to fame: When I lived in Seattle, I catered the album release party for Nirvana’s first record. It was a great time for music and an even better time to be in Seattle.

Melissa Carter 2018.jpg

Melissa carter | CO-FOUNDER

Favorite food: Anything charred and off the grill. I am a girl from Kansas City that still loves the smell of BBQ.

Favorite event produced: The 2014 "Puttin’ on the Glitz" PBS SoCal Gala was my favorite event we created. We raised over $1 million on this evening and it is where I met my amazing partners, Hope and Joyce. 

Favorite Pink Salt Cuisine menu item: Oh man, this is hard for me. I LOVE all of Hope's delicious creations, but I must say that as of right now, I am in love with her plant-based charcuterie board and her cheeses. I am allergic to dairy and Hope's cheese is perfect every time and I cannot get enough.

Words to live by: "Buy the shoes. Drink the wine. Eat the cake."

Pink Salt Cuisine - Joyce Malicse

Joyce malicse | CO-FOUNDER

Favorite food: Fried potatoes, in every form (fries, chips, hash browns).

Claim to fame: Because I love Girl Scout cookies, I asked my favorite donut shop - DK's Donuts in Orange - to create a Samoa donut, which became an Internet sensation.

Favorite event produced: A six-venue dinner event for 400 guests. We built kitchens at each art gallery, designed each space to match the unique artwork, and coordinated a delicious seated dinner for all.

Favorite Pink Salt Cuisine menu item: There are so many to choose from, but I'd have to go with anything jackfruit. I love how it transforms into so many beautiful flavors!

Words to live by: "In a world of plain bagels, be a sprinkled donut."